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Dragon Tester : Brand-new Automated Testing machine for 12-24V Starters : Full Load test



An automated full-load test for all starters up to 9kW


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The Dragon Tester is the latest modern solution available on the market for testing starter motors with an accurate, automated and powerful innovative solution.
The key benefits of this innovative product reside in the universal ways of operation, and in the optimized interchangeability between different starters.
The supply of 12V and 24V for starters is assumed by a custom-made internal 30kW power supply developped by INTITEK engineers, and this exclusive solution allow to test continuously starters in large series.
This starter test bench has been designed to test units up to 9 kW within a full load operating mode thanks to an electrical braking system.
The Dragon Tester is totally computerized and allow users to print and save online test reports with performance curves. It can be easily updated via Internet/Ethernet connection or USB key, in order to remain at the cutting edge of emerging technologies.


Technical Features :

ASP16 starter tester TMA

Dimensions : 800 x 520 x 450 mm
Weight : 450 kg
Power : 380-440V three phases with neutral, 50/60Hz
Input Power : 0-30 kW
Starter Output Power : 0-9 kW
Starter Voltage : 12V / 24V
Starter Current : 0 - 1200 A
Starter Peak Current : 2200 A
Starter Torque : 0 - 350 Nm
Solenoïd Current : 0 - 150 A

Direction of Rotation : CW - CCW
Driving Force : Adaptable ring gear with optional sizes
Braking System : Disk brake with electric control system
Fastening : Fast flexible mounting system
Connectivity : USB / Internet / Ethernet



Automatic Mode : In-depth analysis & performance :

         - Solenoïd Test : Voltage Drop / Pull-in voltage & current / Hold-in voltage & current

         - Starter Test : Free-run current / Free-run Speed / Max current / Max Torque / Ripple current

         - Perf. Curves : Voltage / Current / Power / Torque / Efficiency

Precision diagnostic with Pass or Fail sentence

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Technical brochure Dragon Tester :



Please note that Technical features and mechanical design may change until final version