TMA Newsletter - July, 2017
Alternator & Starter Testing EquipmentBandeau Newsletter Juillet2017

So many innovations for the last 2 months...

TMA team is pleased to keep you informed about the latest news with this newsletter. Take time to take note of these novelties launched in the last 2 months, and learn more about the different regulators protocole communication... Enjoy your reading !

TMA starter testing machine

INTITEK-TMA has created the buzz on the market by displaying for the first time a new automated full-load testing machine for starters during REMATEC Show in Amsterdam.

The prototype of this new machine, temporarily called ASP16, impressed all the visitors of TMA booth thanks to its innovative design and its promising flexibility.

TMA Newsletter - April, 2017
Alternator & Starter Testing EquipmentBandeau Newsletter April

A new way to keep you informed !

TMA team keeps you updated with a regular newsletter and informs you about all news around alternators, starters and TMA testing equipment. It is a way to stay in touch and share with you the latest evolution of the world market... Enjoy your reading !



Franck TMA engineerFranck, INTITEK-TMA Electronic Engineer, explains the fundamental principal of LIN protocol in the last generation alternator regulators.

With the increase of embedded systems in vehicles, it has become imperative to use a network enabling them to communicate with the on-board computer.