Manufacturing Services
You are on the Intitek website dedicated to production activities. We market complete solutions of alternators and starters entirely developed by our engineering department. We also offer our expertise to industrial companies for the design and production of electronic and automation products, as well as for the integration of test systems.

Our products

Happy Digital Solutions


Automated smart tester for 12/24V alternator and starter

300A heavy-duty tester for 12/24V alternators & starters

Automated test bench for 12V & 24V starters full load

A few words

Who are we ?

Based on its 35 years experience and its large industrial skills, the Manufacturing Services division develops, manufactures and marketes automatic test benches for 12/24V alternators & starters.

These test equipments, equipped with the next generation technology, offer a completereliable and innovative solution to automotive industry professionals :

  • Manufacturers and remanufacturers
  • Spare parts wholesalers / distributors
  • Automotive electricians
  • Car workhshop
  • Training organizations